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Keyword [SIFT]
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1. Stereo Information Acquisition And Visualization Technology Studies Based On Near Space Platform
2. Research On Extended Target Tracking In Complex Background
3. Research And Application On Fast Registration Methods For Abdominal Medical Image
4. Pretreatment And Registration Technology Of 3D Scattered Point Cloud Data
5. Research On Key Issues Of Contactless Palmprint Recognition
6. Recognition Of Human Action And Identity In Video Sequences
7. Research Of Video Stitching Technology Based On Multiply Wide-angle Cameras
8. Research On Methods For Pixel-level Multi-source Image Fusion
9. Research On Short Video Annotation Based On Shot And Scene Context
10. Research On The Fast Matching Method For Remote Sensing Image Based On SoC Technology
11. Vision Based Simultaneous Localization And Mapping For Robot
12. Research On Image Matching And Object Location Based On Multi-Scale Feature
13. Research On Video Retrieval For VOD System
14. Research On Image Registration And Mosaic Based On Feature Point
15. Research On The Theory Of Visual Object Tracking And Its Application Based On Particle Filter
16. Study On The Key Technology In Conformation Appraisal Of Dairy Cow Based On Machine Vision
17. Research On Aided Navigation Technique Of Optical Images In Ground Environment
18. Mobile Robot Simultaneous Localization And Mapping In Unknown Environments
19. Study On Key Issues In Automatic Face Recognition
20. Affine Invariant Features Extraction For Scene Matching
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