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Keyword [SERS]
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1. Research On THz Inspection Technology And Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Photonic Crystal Fiber Sensor
2. Design And Application On The EF-SERS Optic Fiber Sensor
3. Preparation And Study On The SERS Optic Fiber Sensor
4. Studies To The Preparation And Characterization Of SERS Active Substrates By Magnetron Sputtering
5. Fabrication Of Optical Fiber Probes
6. Studies On Laster Induced Formation Of Molecular Junctions And On Novel SERS-based Biosensor
7. Preparation And Study On The SERS Probe And LSPR Optical Fiber Sensor
8. Studies On DNAzyme And On Sers-based Biosensor
9. Fabrication Of Nanostructures And Their Applications Based On Colloidal Lithography
10. Research On Preparation Of SERS Structured Substrates And High Sensitivity Detection
11. Laser Biomimetic Fabrication Based On Multi-beam Interference
12. Femtosecond Laser Micromachining Of The All-optical Fiber Sensor And Its Application
13. Studies On The Construction And Performance Of Graphene Based Biosensors
14. Research Of Optical Sensors Based On Graphene And Its Nanocomposites
15. Applications On Optical Biosensors Based On Gold Nanoparticles
16. Preparation And Application Of SERS Substrate Based On Plasmonic Nanoanterina
17. Preparation High Sensitive SERS-active Optical Fiber Sensor And Application
18. Design And Construction Of Complex Structure SERS Substrates For Application On The Environmental Detection And Catalytic Monitoring
19. Research On SERS And Near-field Scanning Optical Nanolithography Using Metal Optical Nanoantennas
20. Research On The Photonic Crystal Fiber-based SPR And SERS Sensors
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