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Keyword [Routing lookup]
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1. The Study On High-speed Algorithms Of Packet Classification And Its Implement Techniques
2. NGI High-Performance Routers' Forwarding Process Algorithms & Implementations
3. Study On Packet Forwarding Engine For High Speed Router
4. Research On High Speed IP Routing Lookup And Packet Classification Algorithms
5. Research On Anycast Routing And Its Key Technologies
6. Research On The Packet Labeling And Lookup Technology In The Next Generation Internet
7. Research On The Implementation Technology Of The IPv6 Protocol Stack In High-Performance Routers
8. The Research Of The IP Routing Lookup Scheme Based On Trie
9. Design And Implementation Of Forwarding System Based On Policy
10. The Study Of Routing Lookup Algorithms For Prototype System Of Network Processor
11. Research & Implementation Of High Speed Routing Lookup Algorithms
12. Implementation And Optimization Of The Routing Lookup Sub-system On Router System
13. Research On Router Based On Embedded IPv6
14. IPv6 Routing Lookup Algorithm Research Based On Prefix Value
15. High Speed Routing Lookup And Forwarding Engine Designing Based On TCAM And Muti-core
16. Research And Improvement On Chord Of Structured P2P Routing Protocol Based On DHT
17. Research On The Storage Structure Based On Hash Forwarding
18. Research On Chord Protocol In Structured P2P Network
19. The Research Of IPv6 Routing Lookup Algorithm Based On Hash Table And Multibit Trie
20. Fast Routing Lookup Algorithms Based On Multi-bit Trie
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