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Keyword [Ring resonator]
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1. Optical Waveguide Biosensors Based On Silicon-on-Insulator Platform
2. Researches On Microwave Key Device Based On Complementary Split Ring Resonator And Nematic Liquid Crystal
3. Study And Design Of Microstrip Ring Resonator Filters
4. Study Of Nonreciprocal Optical Propagation Phenomena And Optical Devices In Optical System
5. Research On The Key Technology Of Resonator Optic Gyro
6. Study Of Metamaterial Broadband Antennas And Novel Wearable Antennas
7. Design And Analysis Of OCDMA Optical En/decoder Based On The Micro Ring Resonator
8. Study On Integrated Photonic Applications Based On The Spectral Characteristics Of Silicon Microring Resonators
9. Polarization Errors In Resonator Fiber Optic Gyroscopes
10. Study On The Interference-type Optical Current Sensor
11. Study On Silicon Photonic Integrated Devices Based On Microring Resonator
12. Novel Microring Resonators And Sensing Properties
13. Study On The Structure And Performance Of Miniature Planar Microwave Filters
14. Research On Resonant-Type Left-handed Transmission Line Structures And Their Application
15. Study On Comparison Design Method And Applications Of Microwave Filters For Wireless Communication
16. Signal Flow Graph Theory And Its Applications In The Analysis Of Optical Ring Resonator
17. The Propagation Of Electromagnetic Wave In Slab Waveguides With A Left-handed Material
18. Simulation And Fabrication Research On InP Based Ring Laser
19. The Study Of The Si-based Ring-resonator Optical Modulator And Switch
20. Study On The Novel Silicon-based Integrated Photonic Devices
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