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1. Research On Fabrication And Application Of Liquid-liquid Extraction Microfluidic Chips
2. Researches On The Novel Polymer Optical Fiber Amplifiers
3. Synthesis And Characterization Of Organic/Inorganic Fluorescent Materials And Their Application For Optical Chemosensors
4. Research On Piezoelectric Biosensors For The Detection Of DNA Encoding Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B
5. A Study On The Preparation Of CdS-TiO2 Compound Semiconductor Film And The Potocatalytic Performance
6. Studies On The Interaction Of Dyes With DNA And The Preparation And Characterization Of Thiothtydroxy Self-assembly Electrochemical Gene Sensor
7. Fabrication And Research Of Organic Light-emitting Devices
8. Soluble Starch-Assisted Preparation And Photocatalytic Properties Of ZnO
9. Synthesis And Properties Of Some Novel Fluorescent Chemosensor
10. Synthesis And Properties Of Cation Fluorescent Chemosensors Based On Rhodamine-b/ Anthracene
11. Study On The Synthesis And Property Of Fluorescent Chemosensor Based On The Rhodamine Derivatives
12. Amplified Spontaneous Emission Of Fluorescent Dye-doped DNA-CTMA Thin Films
13. Nanotubes Sensor Which Grafted With Derivatives Of RhB
14. Synthesis And Application Of A Fluorescent[2]Rotaxane And Chemsensors Based On A Rhodamine B Unite
15. Design And Synthesis Hano Materials For Renewable Energy,and Fluorescence Sensors For Detecting Cations And Their Applications
16. The Synthesis And Properties Of Naphthyridine-derived And Quinoline-derived Rhodamine Chemosensors
17. The Synthesis And Properties Of Fluorescent Sensor For Bismuth Based On Rhodamine B
18. Electrochemical Sensors Based On Fluorescein Hydrazide Compounds For Quantitative Detection Of Cu(Ⅱ) Ions
19. Study On Whispering Gallery Mode Lasing Threshold Of Rhodamine B In Mixed Solution
20. Fluorescence Detection Of Toxic Substances Based On Symmetrical Metal Cladding Waveguide
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