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1. Temporal-Spatial Interpolation For Image And Video Upsampling Technology
2. Research On Object Recognition Technology Based On Visual Attention And Local Invariant Feature
3. Research On The Theory And Method Of Construction Project Supervision Based On Computer Vision Technology
4. Study On Sub-compartment Division Of Tianshan Forest Based On High Spatial Resolution Satellite Images And Multi-Scale Image Segmentation Methods
5. Biological Vision-inspired Feature Extraction And Object Detection For High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
6. Parameter Estimation Of MIMO Radar Based On Compressed Sensing
7. Compressed Sensing-based Imaging Methods For High-Resolution Radar
8. Radar Coincidence Imaging Technique Research
9. Research On Multiscale Methods In Object-Based Image Analysis
10. Research On Sparse Representation Based Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction Method
11. Research On Microwave Time Reversal Systems And Related Key Techniques
12. Reseach On High Resolution Wide Swath Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging Mode And Algorithm
13. The Super-Resolution DOA Estimating Algorithm Based On Arrays Of Small And Medium Aperture
14. Study On HRWS SAR Imaging And The Algorithm Performance Improvement
15. High-resolution Parameter Estimation Algorithm For The Electromagnetic Vector Sensor Array
16. New Signal Compensation Techniques For High Resolution SAR/ISAR Imaging
17. Study On Key Techniques Of MIMO-SAR
18. Research And Design Of High Resolution ∑-Δ Modulator
19. Study On Sparse Signal Processing Of High-resolution Radar Imaging
20. Radar Scanning Beam Super-resolution Based On Statistical Optimization
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