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1. Research On Content - Based Image Retrieval And Recommendation Technology
2. The Research And Design Of Personalized Internet Information Retrieval System
3. Some Thesis Research On Content-based Image Retrieval
4. Research On Content-Based Image Retrieval
5. The Research On The Key Technologies Of Image Database Retrieval
6. Research On Indexing And Retrieval Techniques In Large-Scale Image Database
7. Research On The Language Model Based Information Retrieval System
8. Research On Content Based Trademark Image Retrieval
9. Research On Content-based Image Retrieval For Universal Techniques And Applications
10. Research On Key Techniques Of Content-Based Medical Image Retrieval
11. Research On Case-based Spatial Data Retrieval
12. Research On The Key Technology Of Content-Based Image Retrieval
13. Research On Vector Approximation Method In High-dimensional Index Technology
14. Study On Key Techniques Of Content-Based Image Analysis And Retrieval
15. Research On Key Techniques Of Content-Based Image Retrieval And Content-Based Image Filtering
16. Organization And Retrieval In Large-Scale Video Database
17. Research On Extraction Of High-level Semantic And Low-level Visual Feature For Image Retrieval
18. Research Of Applying Manifold Learning Methods To Web Image Retrieval
19. Research On Multi-modal Web Image Retrieval
20. Research On Content Based Image Retrieval
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