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Keyword [Refractive index sensing]
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1. Study On Novel Fiber Grating Refractive Index Sensors Based On Optical Heating
2. Research On Refractive-Index Sensing Technology Based On Optical Fiber Gratings
3. Theoretical And Experimental Study Of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors
4. Fiber Grating Based Devices And Their Sensing Applications
5. Coupling And Sensing Mechanisms In Dual-core Photonic Crystal Fibers
6. Research On Optical Fiber Refractive-Index Sensing And Signal Interrogation Technology
7. Study Of The Dynamic Stress And Refractive Index Sensing Of Fiber Bragg Grating
8. Modeling Of Properties And Sensing Applications Of Microfiber Ring Resonators In Aqueous Solution
9. Research On The Methods Of Enhancing The Refractive Index Sensing Sensitivity Of Long-period Fiber Grating
10. Sensing Characteristics Of Refractive Index Using Long Period Fiber Gratings With Metallic Coatings
11. Investigation On SMS Optical Fiber Sensors
12. Study On Characteristics Of Cascaded Long Period Fiber Gratings With Rotary Refractive Index Modulation
13. Research On Micro-/Nanofiber Bragg Gratings And Their Applications
14. Research On Transmission Characteristics And Applications Of Coupled Devices Based On Photonic Crystal Fibers And Optical Waveguides
15. Study On The Fabrication Of Mechanically-induced Long-period Fiber Gratings And Its Application In Refractive Index Sensing
16. Investigation On The Refractive Index Sensing Performance Of Macrobending Plastic Optical Fibers
17. Study On Sensing And Demodulation Technology Of Tilted Fiber Bragg Grating
18. Study Of A New-style Liquid Refractive Index Sensor Based On Polymer Optical Fiber With Micro-holes
19. Investigation Of Fiber Optic Refractive Index Sensor Based On Single-mode Fiber Core-Offset
20. Study On The Long-distance Fiber Bragg Grating Humidity Sensor
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