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Keyword [Recurrent Neural Network]
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1. Multistability Analysis Of Recurrent Neural Networks With Generalized Piecewise Linear Activation Functions
2. Research Of Modeling Methods And Control Strategies Based On Neural Networks
3. Research And Applications Of Evolving Recurrent Neural Networks
4. Study Of Orthogonal Recurrent Neural Network And Its Application In Industrial Control
5. The Study Of Nonlinear Intelligent Observer And Its Application
6. Neural Network Predictive Control Of Nonlinear Time-delay Systems
7. Research On Some Problems In Neural Networks
8. Robust Stability Of Standard Neural Network Model And Its Application In Robust Control Of Nonlinear Systems
9. Research On Echo State Network And Its Applications To Time Series Prediction
10. Study On Face Recognition Based On Regression Theory And Parallel Computing
11. The Research On The Competitive Layer Model Of The Lotka-Volterra Neural Network And It's Applications
12. The Application Of Recurrent Neural Network Model In Nonlinear Neutralization Process Control With Pure Time
13. The Application Of Neural Network Intelligent Control In DC Driver System
14. The Application Of Fuzzy Control Model And Recurrent Neural Network Model In Neutralization Process Control
15. Study On Blind Equalization Alogrithm Based On Neural Network Theory
16. Identification And Prediction Of Wireless Channel Based On Neural Network
17. Study On Blind Equalization Algorithm Based On Wavelet Neural Network Theory
18. The Research Of Recurrent Neural Network And Its Application On Nonlinear Dynamic System Identification
19. Research On The Inverse Kinematic Problem Of Robot Manipulators Based On Neural Networks
20. The Application Of Recurrent Neural Networks To The Inverse Model Learning Control Of Manipulators
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