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Keyword [Recommender System]
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1. Research On Social Relation Based Recommendation Algorithms In Social Networks
2. Methods Of Context Based And Social Media Oriented Information Recommendation
3. Key Technology Research On Personalized Ranking Based On Random Walk In Social Networks
4. Research On Key Technologies For Recommending User-Generated Content In Social Media
5. Location Recommendation And Its Application In Location-based Social Network
6. Research On Recommendation Based On The Trend Of Interests From High Performance Users
7. Research On Key Problems Of Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithms
8. Evolutionary Multi-objective Algorithms Based On Global Optimization And Local Learning
9. Research And Application On Association Rule Mining
10. Knowledge Discovery Methods Research Based On Formal Concept Analysis
11. Research Of Sparsity And Cold Start Problem In Collaborative Filtering
12. DSmT-based Trust Management In Open Computational Systems
13. The Research On Key Technologies Of Recommender System
14. Research And Implementation In The End User's Requirement Guided Service Creation In Convergence Networks
15. Research On Personalization Techniques With Their Applications To Digital Library
16. Research On Some Key Issues Of Recommender Systems
17. Research On Application Of Collaborative Filtering In E-commerce Recommender Systems
18. Research On Multi-Agents Recommender System In E-Commence
19. Buiding A Web Service Recommender System Based On The Semantic Web
20. Modeling Methods Of User Profile In Scientific Literature Personalized Recommendation System
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