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1. The Research On Qualitative Reasoning And Query Technology Of Directional Relationships In Three-Dimensional Space
2. Research On The Dynamic Learning Model Of Case-based Reasoning And Its Application On TE Process
3. Cluster Structure Analysis And Dynamic Evolution Model Research Of Social Network
4. Reasoning Mechanism And Philosophical Implication On Human-Computer Collaborative Systems
5. The Quantitative Study In First-Order Logic System
6. A Research On Combination Of Belief Functions With Applications In Evidence Theory
7. Approximate Reasoning—Investigation Of Polynomial Algebraic Dynamic Logic
8. Study On Network Security Situation Awareness Based On Belief Rule Base
9. Research On Three-dimensional Structured Scene Reconstruction From Multiple Images
10. Detecting Methods Of Services Conflict In Intelligent Networks
11. Study On Intelligent Integrated Modeling Theory And Its Applocations To Optimal Control Of Nonferrous Metallurgical Process
12. Fundamental Research On Capp In Ce And Its Implementation
13. The Research And Implementation Of Intelligent Agent Architecture IASC And Agent-Oriented Programming Language IAPL
14. Research On Non-monotonic Logical Systems In Commonsense Reasoning
15. Study On The Control Architecture Of Autonomous Conveying Robot Prototype System
16. Lattice-Valued Logical System And Automated Reasoning Based On Lattice Implication Algebra
17. Study On Automated Reasoning Theory And Method Based On Neurol Network
18. Causality Diagram Theory Research And Fault Diagnosis Research Applying It To The Complexity System
19. The Uncertainty Research In Requirements Engineering
20. A Computational Analysis Of Event Causation: Theory And Applications
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