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Keyword [Rate control]
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1. Research On Rate-distortion Optimization For High Efficiency Video Coding
2. Research On Technologies In Wireless Ad Hoc Network Based On Quasi-birth- And -death Process
3. Research On Rate Control Of HEVC For High-resolution Aerial Video
4. Researches On Rate Control And Affine Prediction For HEVC
5. Research On The Techniques Of Multiple Description Coding And Video Transmission In The Internet
6. Studies On Rate Control, Performance Enhancing And Scheduling In Multicasting Video Over The Internet
7. Quality, Complexity, And Bit-rate Control For Video Coding
8. Research On Fully Scalable Wavelet-based Video Coding And Post-Processing Techniques
9. A Study About H.264/AVC Compressed Video Communications In 3G
10. Research On Pricing-Based Network Resource Allocation
11. Research On Key Techniques Of Video Coding
12. Research On Rate Control In Video Coding And Transcoding
13. Research On Digital Video Transcoding
14. Study On Rate Control And Region Of Interest In Image Coding
15. Study On Motion Estimation And Rate Control In Video Compression
16. Study On Key Techniques In Wireless Video Dilivery
17. Transform-Based Video Coding And Rate-Distortion Analysis
18. Investigation On Radio Resource Management For Wireless Packet-Based Traffic
19. On Active Queue Management Algorithms And Stabilities Based On Control Theory
20. Research And Applications Of Rate Control In Video Coding
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