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1. Research On Multi-User Oriented Certificateless Digital Signature Schemes
2. Research On Authentication Protocols With Special Properties And Their Applications
3. Research On Several Classes Of Homomorphic Encryption Schemes
4. Research On A Few Digital Signatures
5. The Proofs Of PKE's Chosen Ciphertext Security And That Of 2~m-Root Identification Scheme's Security Under Concurrent Attacks
6. Design And Analysis Of ID-based Signature Schemes
7. Study And Design Of Several Proxy Cryptographic Schemes
8. Research On Security Proof For Public-key Cryptosystems
9. Studies On Identity-Based Key-Exposure Protection Mechanism
10. Proxy Re-Cryptography Revisited
11. Research On Delegation Based Digital Signature
12. Ergodic Matrices And Its Applications In Public Key Cryptography
13. Study And Design Of Universal Designated Verifier Signature Schemes
14. Digital Signature And Signcryption Schemes With Special Properties
15. Researches On Key Technologies In Identity-Based Cryptography And Its Applications
16. Research On The Arbitral Security Of Hybrid Signcryption
17. Design Of Hash Function Based On Analysis Of Block Cipher
18. Study And Design Of Several Identity-Based Signature Schemes
19. Research On The Provable Secure Group Key Agreement Protocol
20. Research On Key Agreement Protocols And Their Applications
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