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Keyword [Random Access]
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1. Preparation And Characterization Of Nitride Based Resistive Switching Random Access Memory (RRAM) Materials
2. Study On Device Characteristic And Modeling Of Resistive Random Access Memory(RRAM)
3. Researchof The Key Modules And Compiler Forlow Voltage SRAM
4. Key Techniques For Multiuser Random Access In OFDMA/SC-FDMA Systems
5. Research On New Genergation Mobile Satellite Communication System
6. Single Event Upsets Hardened By Design Technology Research Of Static Random Access Memories
7. Research On Low Cost High Reliability Power Gated SRAM Design
8. Research On Novel High-Density Nonvolatile Memories
9. Investigations On Transparent And Flexible Resistive Random Access Memory Devices Based On Metal-Oxide Thin Films
10. Researches On Radiation Effects And Radiation-hardening Of Ferroelectric Random Access Memories
11. Research On Broadband OFDMA Random Access Technology
12. Research On Mobile Random Access
13. Phase-change Materials And Technique Of Cell Element For Chalcogenide Random Access Memory
14. Frist-Principle Calculation And Ferroelectric Properties Of PZT
15. Investigation Of Integrated Ferroelectric Capacitors For Embedded Ferroelectric Random Access Memories
16. Study Of Barium Strontium Titanate, Niobium Strontium Titanate And Ferroelectric Random Access Memory
17. Investigations On Memory Of PZT Ferroelectric Films
18. Research On The Random Access Two-photon Fluorescence Microscope
19. Research On Security Strategies For Data Remanence In Static Random Access Memory
20. Study Of Sb-Te Based And Sb Based Phase-change Materials For Phase-change Random Access Memory
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