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Keyword [Radon transform]
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1. Research On 3D Model Retrieval Based On View Features
2. Moving Targets Parameters Fast Estimation Techniques In SAR-GMTI System
3. Research On Natural Images' Processing Theory And Method
4. A Research On Multiframe Images Resolution Enhancement
5. Research Of Directly 3D Reconstruction Algorithm In Cone-beam CT
6. Research On Some Problems About Still Image Retrieval And Digital Video Parsing
7. Research On Reconstruction Based Super-Resolution Technique
8. Fundamental Studies On Extracting Parameters Of Frequency Agile Signal
9. Research On Human Gait Recognition Methods Based On Image Sequences
10. Studying Of Algorithms Of Ridgelet, Curvelet And Partial Differential Equations For Image Processing
11. Research On Key Techniques Of Content-Based Image Retrieval
12. Research On Scaling And Rotation Invariant Analysis Methods For Images Recognition
13. Research On Extraction And Application Of Pattern Features
14. Research On Phase-Coded Signal Analysis And Processing For Radar & Communication Reconnaissance
15. The Research On Superresolution Of Remote Sensing Object Images
16. Affine Invariant Feature Extraction And Recognition Of Shapes
17. Face Recognition Based On Subspace And Transformed Domain
18. Research On Digital Image Watermarking Techniques
19. Research On Real-time And Intelligent Detection Of Weft Knitted Fabric Defects
20. The Study Of Algorithm In Image Processing Based On Multiscale Resolution Analysis And Partial Differential Equations
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