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Keyword [Program Verification]
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1. Research On Key Techniques Of Multithreaded Program Verification For Atomicity Of Correlated Variables
2. Design Of Parallel Optimization Algorithm And Software And Port Of Numerical Software
3. The PN Behavior Theories And Its Applications Of Concurrent System Synthesis
4. Certifying Compilation In An Infrastructure For Developing Trustable Software
5. Slicing Execution For Verification Of C Programs
6. Constraint Based Prolog Semantics And Its Applications In The Testing, Analysis And Verification Of Prolog Programs
7. Certifying The Safety Of Assembly Pointer Programs
8. A Pointer Logic For Safety Verification Of Pointer Programs
9. Proof-Carrying Garbage Collection
10. The Design And Implementation Of An Automated Theorem Prover Used For Pointer Logic
11. Pointer Logic's Extensions And Applications
12. The Research Of Partitioned Symbolic Execution Model And Its Environment Interaction Problem
13. Some Symbolic Computation Issues In Program Verification And System Analysis
14. Study On Program Verification Based On Symbolic Computation
15. Automated Loop Invariant Generation For Program Verification
16. Verifying Parallel Programs Using Software Transactional Memory
17. Study On Program Verification
18. Vlsi Test Program Verification And Its Supporting Environment - Theory, Method And Practice
19. Based On The Logic Of Program Verification Methods In The Development Of High Confidence Software
20. A Program Verification And Testing Tool Based On Symbolic Execution And Constraint Solving
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