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Keyword [Probabilistic Matrix Factorization]
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1. Researches On Recommendation System Based On Trust Diffusion Mechanism
2. Research Of Recommendation Algorithm Based On Social Network
3. Research On Personalized Recommendation System A Probabilistic Matrix Factorization Approach
4. Research On Collaborative Recommendation Algorithm Based On Probablilistic Matrix Factorization
5. Robust Collaborative Recommendation Based On Shilling Attack Detection And Bayesian Probabilistic Matrix Factorization
6. Recommendation Algorithm Based Onprobability Matrix Factorization
7. Research On Hybrid Recommender Systems Based On The Dynamically Integrated Methodologies
8. Mixture Of User Behavior Modeling With Probabilistic Matrix Factorization For Recommendation
9. Research On Recommendation Algorithm Based On Social Network
10. Robust Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based On Attack Users Identifing And Bayesian Probabilistic Matrix Factorization
11. Research About Recommendation Algorithm Based On Probabilistic Matrix Factorization
12. A Study Of Social Network Information Filtering Based On Probabilistic Graphic Model
13. Learning To Recommend With Hidden Factor Models And Social Trust Ensemble
14. Research On Robust Collaborative Recommendation Based On Attack Identification
15. Research On Some Key Technologies Of Personalization Recommendation System
16. Recommended System Research And Implementation Based On Collaborative Filtering In The Big Data Environment
17. Node-user Based Matrix Factorization Model For Recommendation Algorithm
18. The Collaborative Topic Regression Combined With Sequential Behaviors
19. Probabilistic Matrix Factorization Based On Co-occurrence And User Behavior
20. Research And Application Of Matrix Factorization In Recommender Systems
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