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Keyword [Photonic Crystal]
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1. Investigation Of Eye-safe Laser And Supercontinuum Generation
2. Study Of Improving Light-emitting Efficiency Of Thin-Film Flip-Chip LED By Nano-scale Structures
3. The Investigation Of Quantum Correlation And Optical Photonic Structure In Cesium Atomic Ensemble
4. Studies Of Some Cavity-based Devices Based On Photonic Crystals And Spoof Surface Plasmons
5. High Speed Photonic Integrated Circuits For On-Chip Optical Interconnects
6. Splicing And Fabrication Of Grating Based On Research Of Mechnism Of Heat Transfer And Defromation For Photonic Crystal Fibers
7. Study On The Birefringence Fiber Loop Mirror Sensor And Its Application In Structural Health Monitoring
8. Research On The Characteristics And Sensing Technologies Of Photonic Crystal Fiber Filled Magnetic Fluid
9. Optimal Design Of Highly Nonlinear Photonic Crystal Fibers And Research On Raman Soliton Self-Frequency Shift
10. Study Of Nonreciprocal Optical Propagation Phenomena And Optical Devices In Optical System
11. Research On Nanophotonics Devices Based On Metallic-dielectric And Photonic Crystal Structure
12. Research On The Microstructured Optical Fibre-based Gas And Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors
13. Reseach On The Characteristics Of Mode-locked Oscillator And Amplifier Based On The Large-mode-area Photonic Crystal Fiber
14. Proton Exchange Waveguides And Photonic Devices On Single-Crystal Lithium Niobate Thin Films
15. Amplification Of Solid-State And Fiber Ultra-Short Pulse Lasers
16. Investigation On The Fabrication Technology And Sensing Characters Of Fiber Sensors Based On Femtosecond Laser Micromachining
17. Structure Designof High Power Photonic Crystal Fiberand Preparation Of Er3+/Yb3+ Doped Core Materials
18. The Nonlinear Propagation Of Ultrashort Pulse In The Silicon Waveguides
19. Studies On The Mid-infrared Photon Localization In Random Media And The Z-scan Technique
20. Research On Photonic Crystal Fiber Supercontinuum & Laser And Nd:Gdvo4 Laser
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