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Keyword [Phase space reconstruction]
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1. Research On The Chaos Synchronization Control Application Theory
2. Simulation Research On EEG Nonlinear Time Series
3. Research On Methods Of Extracting Signals From Chaos
4. Study On Modeling And Optimization For Heterogeneous Gatalysis Based On Chaos And Support Vector Regression
5. GPS Ionospheric Prediction Research Based On Chaotic Theory
6. Research On The Anomaly Detection Methods Of The Network Traffic Based On Catastrophe Theory And Synergetic
7. Research On Transmission Behavior Of Internet Under Macroscopic Topology
8. Application Of EMD To Diagnosis Of Machine Fault
9. Research Of Network Traffic Based On System Dynamics
10. Chaotic Prediction Theory And Its Application In VBR Video Traffic
11. Weak Signal Detection Based On Chaos
12. Study On The Choatic Time Series Prediction Method Based On Support Vector Machines
13. The Research Of Weak Signal Detection At Chaotic Background
14. The Detection Of Weak Signal Embedded In Chaos
15. The Study Of Detecting Tagets Azimuth Based On Shipborne OTH Radar
16. Study On Predicting Multivariate Chaotic Time Series By Principle Component Analysis
17. The Photoelectric Flame Detector Based On Phase Space Reconstruction
18. Characterization Of Gas/Liquid Two Phase Flow Patterns Based On The Chaotic Analysis Of Conductance Fluctuating Signals
19. Study Chaotic Time Series Forecasting Model Based On BP Neural Networks
20. Study On Fault Diagnosis Based On Chaos
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