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1. Key Techniques Of Multi-Tenant Database Design
2. Key Technology Researches For Hybrid Storage Systems Based On Phase Change Memory
3. Research For Buffer Management Problem Of Hybrid Memory Architecture Based On Phase Change Memory
4. Thermal Simulation And Key Technologies Of Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) For Phase Change Memory
5. For Phase-change Memory Chalcogenide Compounds And Device Research
6. The Resistive Memory Device And Technology Research
7. Research On Virtual Machine State Migration And Phase-Change Memory Wear-Leveling Method
8. Memory Cell Design And Key Fabrication Technology For Phase Change Memory
9. Research On Phase Change Materials
10. Design And Simulation Of A High Performance Phase Change Memory Cell Based On Ga-SbTe
11. Research Of Electric Parameters Measurement System And Storing Performance Demo System For Phase Change Memory
12. Preparation And Characterization Of Chalcogenide Phase-change-memory Semiconductor Materials
13. Rapid Suspend And Resume Operating System With PCM Support
14. Optimization Of The Phase Change Memory As Main Memory Of Stream Processor
15. Solutions Based On High-density Applications In Resistive Memory Technology
16. High-density Non-volatile Storage System Modeling And Design
17. Process Integration And Optimization Of Phase Change Memory
18. Full-function Phase Change Memory Chip Design And CMOS Post-processing Integration
19. The Design Of Phase-Change Storage Card Based On PCI Express
20. Research On Hierarchical Parallel Hybrid Storage System
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