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Keyword [Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm]
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1. Application And Research Of Supervisory Predictive Control Algorithm
2. Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm And Researching Of Its Applications
3. Study On Feature Extraction And Evaluation Method Of Radar Emitter Signals
4. Research On Collaboration Theory Of Distributed Measurement System And Real-time Of Communication Platform
5. The Theorem And Practice Upon The Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
6. The Study On Intelligent Optimization Methods And Their Applications
7. Behavior Analyzing And Applicative Example Of Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
8. Modification And Application Of Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
9. The Study Of The Adaptive Inverse Control And Using
10. Theory And Applications Of Ant Colony Algorithm And Hybridizing Other Algorithms
11. The Extended Forms Of Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm And Their Applications
12. The Theory And Application Of Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based On Chaos
13. Study On Algorithms Of Test Pattern Generation For Sequential Circuits
14. Research On Some Issues Of Path Plan And Tracking Control For Autonomous Ground Vehicle
15. Study On Multi-Model Optimization Control In Reheat Furnace Based On Population Search Strategy
16. The Study Of Niching Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms And Their Applications To Multiple Classifiers Ensemble
17. Modeling And Optimization Method Of Continuous Process Production Scheduling Based On Controlled Hybrid Petri Nets
18. Research On Time-frequency Domain Identification Theories And Methodology Of Mechanical System Dynamic Characteristic Parameters
19. Research On Fast Collision Detection Algorithm Based On Parallelism
20. Study On Testability For Electronic System Based On Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
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