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Keyword [Pareto front]
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1. Research On Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm Based On Decomposition And Its Application In Multiple Sequence Alignment
2. Improved Gravitational Search Algorithm And Applications
3. Studies On Optimization Methods With Extremal Dynamics And Applications
4. The Research Of Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm For Searching Pareto Front
5. Application Research Of Bayesian Optimization Algorithm On QoS-Based Multicast Routing Problem
6. Application Research Of Probabilistic Modeling Evolutionary Algorithm On Routing Problem Of Ad Hoc Networks
7. Lossy Broadband Matching Research Based On Optimization Theory
8. Research On Genetic Algorithm Based On Fixed Point Theory
9. An Improved Weighted Sum Algorithm For Multi-objectie Optimization Problems
10. The Study On Applying Ant Colony Optimization To Multi-objective Portfolio Problem
11. Study On Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm And Its Application
12. Research On Optimal Design Of Analog Circuits Based On Operating-point Driven
13. Research On Many-objective Dynamical Evolutionary Algorithms Based On GPU
14. Solving Complex Multi-Objective Optimization Problems By Evolutionary Algorithms
15. A Study On New Many-objective Optimization Dominance
16. Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm For Complex Pareto Front Problem And Its Application
17. Evolutionary Algorithms For Multi-and Many-Objective Optimization Problems With Irregular Pareto Fronts
18. Study On A Local Search-based Algorithm For Multi Objective Mapping And Scheduling Optimization Of MPSoC
19. Multi-Objective Optimization Based On Adaptation Learning Mechanism Of Covariance Matrix
20. Research On Multi-objective Optimization Of Analog Integrated Circuits Based On Adaptive Weighted-sum Method
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