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Keyword [Non-orthogonal multiple access]
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1. Research On Some Key Technologies In Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access
2. Performance Analysis And Optimization Of Complex Field Network Coding (CFNC) System Under The Non-orthogonal Multi-access Relay Channels
3. Research On Power Allocation In Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access
4. Research On Power Allocation And Interference Elimination Algorithms For Non-orthogonal Multiple Access System
5. Simulation And Analysis Of NOMA And SCMA Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Systems
6. Research In New Modulation And Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Transmission Technology Of The 5G Mobile Communication System
7. Interference Cancellation Algorithm In The Mutiuser Non-Orthogonal Shared Access System Of 5G
8. Investigation Of Non-orthogonal Multiple Access And Related Techniques For The 5th Generation Mobile Networks
9. Research On Superposition Coding Based Non-orthogonal Transmission
10. Precoding For Downlink Non-orthogonal Multiple Access
11. Research On Grant-free Non-Orthogonal Multiple Acess For The Uplink
12. On The Design Of Low-complexity Massive Access Schemes
13. Research On Spatially Coupled And Power Domain Superpostion Multiple Access Key Technologies
14. Research On Non-orthogonal Multiple Access Based On Mixed Multi-dimension Constellations
15. Power Allocation Optimization And Performance Analysis In Non-orthogonal Multiple Access Schemes
16. On Non-orthogonal Multiple Access Technique For Relaying Networks
17. Research On Signal Detection For Downlink Non-orthogonal Multiple Access
18. Research On Novel Non-orthogonal Multiple Access Technologies For 5G Radio Transmission
19. System-Level Simulation Of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Technologies In 5G Mobile Communication Network
20. Simulation Research On Receiver Of Downlink Non-orthogonal Multiple Access For 5G
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