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Keyword [Node Centrality]
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1. Research On Key Technologies Of Multi-Relational Graph Mining Based On Tensors
2. Research On Data Delivery In Opportunistic Networks
3. Research On Measurement Of Information Diffusion Ability Of Node And Information Diffusion Laws In Social Networks
4. Research Of Routing Protocol For Delay Tolerant Network
5. Algorithm Complex Network Community Structure Mining
6. The Optimization Techniques Of Coding Node In Wireless Network
7. Mining Community Framework And Hidden Community
8. Research On Bandwidth Estimation And Routing Protocol In Urban Vanet
9. Research On The Social Network Centrality Node Identification Method Based On Evidence Theory
10. User Trajectory And Semantic Analysis Based On Big Data
11. The Research On Graph Based Recommendation Model Importing Userís Attention
12. Research On Collaborative Caching Policy Based On Node Centrality And Content Popularity In NDN
13. Study On Methods In Provenance Data Clustering
14. Spatial Correlation Analysis Of Node Centrality Of Directed Weighted Geographic Networks Constructed From Telecommunication Data Of Milan,Italy
15. Cooperative Caching Strategy Based On Content Popularity And Node Centrality
16. Research On Modeling And Application Of Temporal Social Attributes In Mobile Social Networks
17. Research Of Opportunistic Forwarding Based On Node Centrality And Boundary Box
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