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Keyword [Neural Network]
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1. Research On Biologically Inspired Object Recognition Algorithms
2. Research On Wall Travelling Control For Ship Rust Removal Wall Climbing Robot
3. Study On Modeling By Support Vector Machine And Fuzzy Neural Network Control Of Wood Drying
4. Research On Coordinated Tracking Control For Multi-Robot System Based On Binocular Visual
5. Research On Key Technologies Of Gas Identification Based On Sensor Array Transient Response
6. A Study On Image Characteristics Recognition Method And Its Application In Deaf Visual Recognition
7. Research On Multivariate Time Series Prediction Based On Random Project Neural Networks
8. Study On Chaoticity Of Memristive Neural Network And Synchronization Control Of Several Delayed Neural Networks
9. Research On Some Key Issues For Classification And Identification Of Network Traffic
10. Graph Based Machine Learning Algorithms Design And Its Application In Neural Network Research
11. Sliding Mode Variable Structure Control And Its Application To Wafer Scanner
12. Research Of Neural Network And The Ensemble Method Based On Granular Computing
13. Research On Domain Adaptation For Statistical Machine Trans- Lation
14. Study On The Sparsity-based SAR Image Target Recognition
15. Research On Application Of Self-organizing Map Neural Network In Information Processing
16. Researches Of Wavelet Based Neural Network And Its Application On Information Processing
17. Swing-up Control Method Study Of A Class Of Underactuated Mechanical Systems
18. Depth Estimation From A Monocular Image
19. On Robust Tracking Control Strategies For Multi-link Robot Manipulators
20. Research On Recognition Of Serial Number In Bank Notes With Complex Background
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