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1. Taken Out Of Context: American Teen Sociality In Networked Publics
2. A Study On Information Sharing Based On Personal Network
3. Counter Rumor Models And Multi-rumors Spreading Dynamics On Complex Networks
4. Research On Social Relation Based Recommendation Algorithms In Social Networks
5. Rescarch Of Target Continuous Tracking In Multi-Camera Surveillance Network
6. Research On Influence Measurement And Popularity Prediction In Online Social Networks
7. Consensus Of Linear Multi-agent Systems With Communication Delay
8. Study On Large-Capacity Digital Coherent Fiber-Wireless Integration System And Network
9. Parallel And Distributed Optimization In-Network: Algorithms And Applications
10. Research And Implementation Of Highly Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Nodes
11. Research On Biologically Inspired Object Recognition Algorithms
12. Retinal Image Interoperability In Chronic Disease Information System And Its Vessel Network Quantitative Analysis
13. Theories And Methods Of Data Collection Considering Energy Saving And Accuracy In Wireless Sensor Networks
14. Design And Implementation Of A Multi-core Wireless Sensor Node Operating System
15. Structural Pattern Mining And Diffusion Dynamical Model In Complex Network
16. Research On Outdoor Passive Localization In WSNs
17. Research Of Time Characteristics And Synchronization Mechanism On Hybrid Network In NCS Scenario
18. Research On Wall Travelling Control For Ship Rust Removal Wall Climbing Robot
19. Research On Mobile Sink Wireless Sensor Network Reliability For Forest Resources Data
20. Study On Modeling By Support Vector Machine And Fuzzy Neural Network Control Of Wood Drying
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