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Keyword [Nearest Neighbor Query]
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1. The Index For The Nearest Neighbor Queries In High Dimensional Space
2. Research On Key Techniques Of Query Processing In Spatio-Temporal Databases
3. Indexing And Query Processing On Moving Objects In Location-Based Services
4. Research Of High-Dimensional Space Query Algorithm Based On Space-Filling Curves
5. Research On The Multi-Type Nearest Neighbor Query In Spatio-Temporal Database
6. Research On Spatial Index Technology For Spatial Database
7. Research On Algorithms Of Aggregate Queries In Spatio-temporal Databases
8. Research On Order-based Spatial Data Index And Query Algorithms
9. Nearest Neighbor Query Processing On Moving Object Trajectory
10. Research Of Reverse Nearest Neighbor Query In Spatial Database
11. An Improved Probabilistic Database Model And Its Probabilisticn Earest Neighbors Query Research
12. Research Of The Indexing For Trajectories' Nearest Neighbors Based On Spatio-Temporal Databases
13. Research On Continuous Visible Nearest Neighbor Queries For Spatial Objects
14. Prediction Of Moving Objects' K-Nearest Neighbor Based On Fuzzy-Rough Sets
15. Research On Data Model And Querying Techniques For Moving Object Database
16. Continuous Nearest Neighbor Query Research Of Mobile Object In Mobile Environment
17. Nearest Neighbor Query Of Planar Polygon Based On Line Segment
18. Using Shape Features For Trademark Image Retrieval
19. Research On Incremental Group Nearest Neighbor Query Method In Mobile Enviroment
20. The Nearest Neighbor Query In Mobile Object Database System
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