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Keyword [Multimodal Biometric]
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1. Iris Feature Descriptor And Recognition Methods Based On 2D-Gabor Filtering
2. Research On Personal Identity Recognition Method Based On Multi-Biometric
3. Study On The Key Techniques For Human Identification At A Distance Based On Fusion Of Gait And Face
4. Research On Multimodal Biometric Algorithms Based On SVM Fusion
5. Multibiometric Based On Fingerprint Recognition And Face Recognition
6. Research On Multimodal Biometric Authentication Using Face And Palmprint
7. Multi-biometric Fusion Recognition Technology Research
8. Face And Iris Fusion Research, And Identify A Number Of Issues
9. Mti-biometrulic Recognition Based On Image Latent Semantic Analysis And Extreme Learning Machine
10. The Research On Key Technology Of Multimodal Biometric Authentication
11. The Research Of Multimodal Biometric Recognition Based On Single Image
12. Based On The Biological Characteristic Of Hand Multi-modal Technology Research
13. Algorithm Research Of Multimodal Biometric Identification Technology
14. Multimodal Biometric Identification
15. Design Of Dynamic Atendance System Based On Biometrics
16. An optimal score fusion strategy for a multimodal biometric authentication system for mobile device
17. Multimodal biometric system based on face and hand images taken by a cell phone
18. Evaluation and performance prediction of multimodal biometric systems
19. Generic multimodal biometric fusion
20. Multi-Factor Authentication Techniques for Video Applications over the Untrusted Internet
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