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Keyword [Multi-population Genetic Algorithm]
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1. Study On Adaptive Fuzzy Control Via State Space Method
2. Solving Job Shop Scheduling Problem Based On Natural Computation
3. Research On Association Rules Based On Improved Multi - Population Genetic Algorithm
4. The Study Of Facial Feature Location Based On Active Shape Model
5. Research And Implementation Of Production Planning Al-Gorithm In Virtual Enterprise
6. Multiple Population Genetic Algorithm And Its Application In Complex Network Community Classification Research
7. Optimum Design And Software Development Of Passive Filters
8. Automated EFSM-Based Test Data Generation With Multi-Population Genetic Algorithm
9. Research On No-stable Gas Source Location Using Wireless Sensor Network
10. A QoS-oriented Web Service Composition Optimization In Internet Of Things
11. Optimization Algorithm For Task Scheduling In Cloud Computing
12. Research On Path Planning Of The Body Side In White Welding Robot Based On Intelligent Algorithm
13. Research On Fuzzy Testing Method Based On Multi Population Genetic Algorithm
14. The Study Of Multi-path Regression Test Data Generation Method With Multi-population Genetic Algorithm
15. Optimization Algorithm For Task Scheduling In Cloud Computing
16. DOA And Polarization Parameter Estimation Based On Multi-population Genetic Algorithm And DSP Implementation
17. Multi-objective Optimization Of Mixed-model Assembly Line Balancing Problem In Z Automobile Company Based On Multi-population Genetic Algorithm
18. Research On Network Security Situation Prediction Method Based On Wavelet Neural Network
19. Research On Path Planning Of A New Intelligent Cotton Picking Robot Picking Cotton Head
20. Study Of Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Suppression In Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Systems
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