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1. Study On Secure Search Over Encrypted Data In The Cloud
2. Research On Key Techniques Of Privacy And Data Protection In Cloud Computing Environment
3. Topology Construction And Resource Locating Of Structured P2P Overlay Network Based Cayley Graph
4. Study On Key Techniques Of Query Processing Over P2P Network
5. Multi-keyword Ranked Query Over Encrypted Data In Cloud Computing
6. Research Of Data Resources Sharing Based On P2P
7. Research On Efficient And Secure Multi-keyword Search Scheme On Mobile Cloud
8. Research Of Encrypted Multi-keyword Retrieval Technology In Cloud Computing
9. Research On Privacy-Preserving Multi-keyword Ranked Search Over Encrypted Cloud Data
10. Research Of Encrypted Data Searching Technology In Cloud Based On Secure Knn
11. Research On Semantic Feature Based Search Scheme Over Encrypted Data In Cloud
12. Secure Rank-ordered Search Of Multi-keyword In Cloud Storage Platform
13. The Research Of Searchable Symmetric Encryption Over Cloud Data
14. Searchable Encryption Scheme Based On Fuzzy Keyword In Cloud Computing
15. Pricacy-Preserving Dynamic Fuzzy Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Over Encrypted Cloud Data
16. Adaptive Multi-keyword Ranked Search Over Encrypted Cloud Data
17. Searchable Encryption Technology Research Based On Chinese In Cloud Environment
18. The Research And Design Of Symmetric Searchable Encryption
19. Multi-keyword Fuzzy Retrieval Strategy For Encrypting Cloud Data
20. Enabling Secure And Efficient Multi-keyword Fuzzy Retrieval Over Encrypted Data
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