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Keyword [Multi-Agent]
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1. Distributed Optimization Control Of The Multi-agcnt Systems
2. Consensus Of Linear Multi-agent Systems With Communication Delay
3. Finite-time Consensus Tracking Of Multi-agent Systems
4. Investigation On Consensus For Multi-Agent Systems With Saturation Constraints
5. Researches On Key Technologies In Cloud Computing Resource Management
6. Research On Group Consensus And Formation Control Of Multi-agent Systems
7. Consensus For Descriptor Multi-agent Systems
8. Design And Analysis Of Consensus Protocols For Multi-agent Systems By Using Learning Control
9. Researches On Fuzzy And Model-free Optimal Control Based On Single-network Adaptive Dynamic Programming
10. Event-triggered Consensus Control Of Multi-agent Systems And Distributed Cooperation Of Multiple Lagrangian Systems
11. Consensus Control For High-Order Nonlinear Multi-agent Systems
12. Stochastic Consensus Of Multi-Agent Systems With Noisy And Delayed Communication
13. Study On Iterative Learning Control For Nonlinear Uncertain Systems
14. Study On Coordinating Work Mechanism Of Distributed Organizations Based On Psycho-social Factors
15. Analysis And Design On Multi-Collaboration Of Complex Multi-Agent Networks
16. On Multi-Consensus And Multi-Tracking Of Mulit-Agent Systems
17. On Consensus And Formation Control Of Multi-agent Systems
18. Study On Event-triggered Control Protocols For Multi-agent Systems
19. Distributed Consensus Tracking Control Of Multi-Agent Systems
20. Tracking Problems Of Multi-Agent Systems With Time-Varying Topologies
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