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Keyword [Moving Object Trajectory]
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1. Research On Key Techniques Of Query Processing In Spatio-Temporal Databases
2. Research On The Mining Methods Of Trajectory Data For Moving Objects
3. Nearest Neighbor Query Processing On Moving Object Trajectory
4. Research Of The Indexing For Trajectories' Nearest Neighbors Based On Spatio-Temporal Databases
5. Research On Trajectory And Query Of Spatial Moving Object
6. Research On Clustering Algorithms Of Spatial Objects And Moving Objects
7. The Study Of HCI System Based On Moving Object Trajectory Recognition
8. The Moving Objects Of The Track Data Mining Research
9. Algorithms For Querying The Trajectories Of Moving Objects In Networks
10. Moving Object Trajectory Mining Algorithms Based On XML
11. Research On Spatio-Temporal Aggregation Query And Analysis Techniques Of Large-scale Moving Objects
12. Research And Implementation Of Key Techniques For Indoor Movement Object Trajectory Prediction
13. Research On Key Issues Of Moving Object Trajectory Data Management
14. Research And Application Of Moving Object Trajectory Clustering Algorithm In Road Network Environment
15. Grid-based Moving Object Trajectory Hybrid Index Structure
16. Research On Spatiotemporal Anomaly Detection Algorithms For Moving Object Trajectory
17. Recognition,Tracking And Prediction Of Plane Free-moving Objects
18. The complex-valued optical Fourier transform and its application to moving-object trajectory estimation
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