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1. Thermal Nonlinear Effect And Mode Coupling In Fiber-coupled Whispering Gallery Mode Optical Resonators
2. Study On Distributed Side-Coupled Cladding-pumped Fiber Lasers
3. Theory And Simulation Study On 35GHz Third Harmonic Complex Cavity Gyrotron
4. Study On The Transmission Properties Of Polymer Optical Fiber
5. Intermodal Interference In Microstructure Fibers And Mode Coupling Between Cavities
6. Design And Application Research Of Coupling Fiber-Optic Vibration Sensor Based On Local Mode Coupling Theory
7. Coupling And Sensing Mechanisms In Dual-core Photonic Crystal Fibers
8. Study On Special Fibers Based On Mode Coupling And Higher Order Mode Photonic Bandgap Fibers
9. Cascaded Mode Coupling Based On Acousto-optic Interacting With Fiber Grating
10. Investigation Of The Properties Of Photonic Crystal Fibers And Their Sensing Applications
11. Research On The Coupling Characteristics And Their Control Mechanisms Of Photonic Crystal Waveguide Modes
12. All Fiber Structure Cylindrical Vector Beam Laser
13. Studies Of Coaxial Bragg Resonator Corrugated With Sinousoidal Ripples
14. Microstructure Fiber Gratings, Experimental And Applied Research
15. Theory And Technology Research Of White Light Interferometry For Characterization Of Polarization-maintaining Fibers
16. The Research Of Fiber Bragg Grating Characteristics And Applications
17. Mode Theory Of Optical Waveguide And Application
18. Research On Light Intensity-Modulated Fiber Optic Hydroacoustic Detector
19. Research Of Pressural Fiber Liquid Level Sensors
20. Design Of Dual-Mode Waveguide Filter
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