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1. Reseach On The Characteristics Of Mode-locked Oscillator And Amplifier Based On The Large-mode-area Photonic Crystal Fiber
2. Large Mode Area Microstructured Fiber For High Power Laser Application
3. Characteristic Analysis And Development Of Novel Few Mode Fiber And Related Devices
4. Research On The Multi-Wavelength Fiber Laser Based On The Strong Coupled Twin-Core Fiber And The Few-Mode Fiber For The High-Power Fiber Laser
5. Research On Key Technologies Of Large-Mode-Area Double-Clad Fiber Side-Pump Combiner
6. Design Of Microstructure Fibers And Analysis Of Rare Earth Doped Amplifiers
7. Design And Implementation Of New Laser Materials For Large-mode-area Fiber
8. Research On The Characteristics Of The Mode-locked Yb3+-doped Large-mode-area Photonic Crystal Fiber Laser
9. Study On Guiding Charicteristics Of Large Mode Area Fibers
10. Design And Fabrication Of Large-mode-area Single Mode Erbium Doped Irregular Bragg Fibers And Related Devices
11. Theoretical Study On Hybrid Photonic Crystal Fiber And Experimental Research On Photonic Crystal Fiber Supercontinuum
12. Filling Of Photonic Crystal Fibers And Photonic Crystal Fiber Grating
13. High-power Fiber Laser And Coherent Synthesis Technology
14. The Key Issues In High Power Fiber Lasers And Amplifiers
15. Large Mode Area Fiber Optical Transmission Of High-power Amplification Characteristics Of Study
16. Study Of Terahertz Communication System And Surface Plasmon Waveguide
17. Theoretical And Experimental Research On Large Mode Area Gain Guided And Index Antiguided Fiber Laser
18. Application Of Gain Guiding For Designing Large Mode-area Fiber And Study On Characteristics Of Bend
19. Modal Field And Dispersion Characteristics Of Flattened Mode Micronano Fibers
20. Research On Pulsed Pump In High Power Large Mode Area Ytterbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers
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