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1. Silicon Microchannel Plate Based Three-dimensional Energy Storage Devices
2. The Performances Of Field Effect Transistors Based On Metamaterials
3. The Preparations Of Graphene-like Molybdenum Disulfide And Its Research In Optoelectronic Devices
4. Study On Electron Transport Mechanisms In MoS2Field Effect Transistors
5. Two-dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Materials With Vertically Standing Layered Structure For High Performance Photodetector
6. Study On Photoluminescence Enhancement Of MoS2 Through Defect Engineering
7. Study On Chemical Vapor Deposition MoS2 And Its Sensor
8. Optical Power Detector Based On Side Polished Fiber And MoS2 Or As2Se3 Films
9. Ultrafast Laser Application Of Class Molybdenum Disulfide Material
10. Study On High Performance And Low Power MoS2 Transistors
11. Improved Electrical Performances Of MoS2 Field-effect Transistor With High-k Gate Dielectric
12. The Theoretical Study Of Gas Adsorption On Doped MoS2 And The Preparation Of Nitrogen-doping MoS2
13. Preparation And Optical Properties Of MoS2/ZnO Investigation On Its Composite Structure
14. First-principles Study Of Thermal Properties Of Monolayer MoS2
15. Fabrication Of Molybdenum Disulfide Field Effect Transistor For Detection Of Biological Molecules
16. Research Of The Two-Dimensional Layered Material MoS2 On Field-Effect Transistors And Memory Devices
17. Preparation And Photoelectric Properties Of Two-Dimensional MoS2 And It's Device Performance
18. Photoelectric Response Of ZnO Nanorod Arrays Based Heterojunctions With AZO Seed Layers
19. Investigation Of High Mobility MoS2-field Effect Transistor
20. Research Of Electrical And Photoelectronic Properties Of Monolayer MoS2 Back Gate Field-Effect Transistors
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