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Keyword [Micro-nano fiber]
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1. Study On Fiber Bragg Grating Array And New Devices Using For Fiber Grating Sensing Network
2. Functional Integration Of Micro/nano Optical Waveguides For Device Applications
3. Study Of Photonic Generation Of Millimeter-wave Signal And Associated Techniques For Radio-over-fiber System
4. Investigation Of Micro/Nano Fiber Devices And Its Application In All Optical Signal Processing
5. Chalcogenide Glass Of The Light-induced Modification And Of Microphotonic Learning Devices,
6. Bionic Research On The Jumping Insect Leafhopper Cicadella Viridis
7. Modal Field And Dispersion Characteristics Of Flattened Mode Micronano Fibers
8. Guiding And Far-field Radiation Properties Of Micro/Nano Optical Fiber
9. Research On Ultrasonic Signal Sensing Technology Based On Micro - Nano Fiber Grating
10. Theoretical And Experimental Investigation On The High Sensitive Interferometric Fiber-optic Sensors
11. Preliminary Study Of Chemical Sensor Based On Micro/Nano Fibers Fabricated By Electrospinning Technology
12. Theoretical Study Of Micro-nano Optical Pulse Compressor
13. Propagation Properties Of Optical Nanowires With Thin Dielectric Coatings
14. Micro-nano Optical Fiber Gas Sensing Properties, Carbon Nanotubes Thin Film Research And The Analysis Of Mode Field
15. Study Of High Quality Subwavelength Microfiber Fabrication Process And Microknot Gas Sensing Property
16. Investigation On Theories And Applications Of Fiber Laser Sensing Based On Micro/Nano-structures
17. Mode Field Characteristics And Applications Of The Tapered Micro-nano Fiber
18. Studies On The Reproducibility And Specificity Of Gold Nanoparticle Enhanced Optical Fiber Biosensor
19. Add-drop Filter By Coupling Between Micro-nano Fiber Ring And Side Polished Fiber
20. Study Of The Electric Field And Energy Characteristics Of Tapered Fiber
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