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Keyword [Micro/nano optical fiber]
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1. Study On The Structure And Characteristics Of The Coupler Based On Evanescently-Coupled Micro/nano Optical Waveguides
2. Guiding And Far-field Radiation Properties Of Micro/Nano Optical Fiber
3. The Polarization Characteristics Of Evanescent Coupling Between Two Optical Micro/nano Fibers
4. Humidity Sensor Based On Micro-nano Optical Fiber Ring Resonator Is Studied
5. Micro-nano Optical Fiber Gas Sensing Properties, Carbon Nanotubes Thin Film Research And The Analysis Of Mode Field
6. Large Normal Dispersion Fiber Design Near2μm Wavelength And Its Application In Mode-locked Lasers
7. Novel Optical Fiber Modal Interference Devices Based On Micro/Nanofabrication Technologies
8. Simulation And Analysis Of Side-polished Photonics Crystal Fiber And Its Coupling Device
9. Study On The Electirc Ifeld And Energy Distirbution Of Micro/nano Optical Fibers
10. Investigation On Optical-controllable Experiment Of Microfiber Knot Resonator Based On Graphene
11. Fabrication And Characteristization Of Microstructure Cladding Optical Fiber Using Graphene Oxide And Colloid Crystals
12. Leaky Radiation And Scattering On Microfiber Surface
13. Research Of RZ To NRZ Type Conversion Based On MRR
14. Theoretical And Experimental Investigation On The Surface Modified Micro-nano Optical Fiber Based Temperature And Gas Sensors
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