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Keyword [Metamaterials]
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1. Research On Graphene-based Photonic Devices
2. Theoreticaland Applied Research On Millimeter And Sub-millimeter Wave Transmission Devices
3. Study On High-Gain And Directional Antennas Based On Metamaterials
4. Research On Metamaterials Based On Electromagnetically Induced Transparency
5. Study On Key Technology Of The Wideband Endfire Antenna
6. Fundamental Research Of Novel HEMT Thz Active Devices
7. Research On Microwave Engineering Applications Of Novel Electromagnetic Metamaterials
8. Research On Period Reduction Lithography Based On Surface Plasmon Polaritons Interference
9. Study Of Metamaterials And Phased Array Antennas Based On Electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG) Structures
10. Research On Characteristics And Structures Of Eqivalent Metamaterials
11. Research Of High-Power All-Solid-State Green And Red Lasers And The Photonic Crystals With Metamaterials
12. Some Compact Low-profile Patch Antennas Based On Metamaterials And Novel Structures
13. Investigation On Metamaterials And Its Application
14. Constructions Of Left-Handed Metamaterials And Their Applications In Microwave Engineering
15. Research On Terahertz Metamaterials
16. Nanolithography Technology In The Nano-photonic Crystals, Metamaterials And Biological Applications
17. The Application Of Electromagnetic Metamaterials In Antenna And Microwave Circuit
18. Studies On Terahertz Spectroscopy Of Superconducting Metamaterials And Subwavelength Hole Array
19. Electromagnetic Characteristics Of Metamaterials And Application In Microwave Circuit
20. Study Of Metal-Ring-Structured Metamaterial Loaded On Microstrip Antenna
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