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Keyword [Matrix Factorization]
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1. Research On Social Relation Based Recommendation Algorithms In Social Networks
2. Instance-based And Feature-based Transfer Learning Approaches With Their Applications
3. Complex Image Segmentation Based On Immune Clonal Selection Optimization And Spectral Clustering
4. Theory And Key Techniques Research On Syntheic Aperture Radar Target Recognition
5. A Study Of Matrix Completion For Recommendation System
6. Research On Clustering Problems And Algorithms For High-dimensional Data
7. Research On Recommendation Technology In Location-Based Mobile Social Networks
8. Image Fusion Algorithm Research In Contourlet Domain Based On Urban Images
9. Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Algorithm Based On The Regularized Method And Its Applications
10. Research On Global And Local Information For Face Recognition
11. Research On Several Problems Of Community Detection In Web Networks
12. Extensible And Scalable Bayesian Learning Methods: Modeling And Inference
13. Research On Analysis And Prediction Of User’s Behavior In Social Networks
14. Research On Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based On Quotient Space Model
15. Research On Unmixing Technology In Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
16. Research On Hybrid Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithms Combining Context
17. Research On Key Technology Of Social Network Recommendation System Based On Collaborative Filtering
18. Research On Constrained Matrix Based Image Representation And Retrieval
19. Research On Feature Extraction And Feature Selection For Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data
20. Research On Image Feature Learning Algorithm And Its Applications
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