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1. Theories And Algorithms For Fast Designs Of Two-dimensional Constrained FIR Filters
2. Research On Social Relation Based Recommendation Algorithms In Social Networks
3. Research On Performance Tuning Of Matrix Multiplication Based On GPU
4. Researches On Theories And Methods Of Unmixing For Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images
5. Iterative Methods Of Several Matrix Equations For Systems And Control
6. Research On Several Robust Iterative Learning Control Algorithms
7. Study On Fault Detection For Switched Systems
8. Study Of Oxide Electronic Materials And Applications In Thin Film Transistors
9. The Research Of Low Rank Matrix Approximation Based Machine Learning Algorithms
10. Study Of Data Completion, Labeling And Retrieval Based On Machine Learning
11. Multi-modal Human Action Recognition
12. Study On Effect Of HPM Coupling On Complex Metal Cavity
13. Research On Fault Diagnosis And Fault-tolerant Control Of Time-delay Systems
14. Parameter Estimation Of MIMO Radar Based On Compressed Sensing
15. Instance-based And Feature-based Transfer Learning Approaches With Their Applications
16. Sparse Matrix Computation On Heterogeneous Architectures
17. Research On Parameter Estimation And Interference Suppression Of MIMO-OTH Radar
18. A Research On Speedup Of Machine Learning Algrithom Based On Matrix Approximation
19. Complex Image Segmentation Based On Immune Clonal Selection Optimization And Spectral Clustering
20. Study Of Thresholding Methods Based On The Image Spatial Co-occurrence Information
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