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Keyword [Massive Machine-Type Communications]
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1. Delay-optimal Random Access For Massive Machine-type Communications
2. Research On Massive Machine Type Communications Technology For 5G
3. Researches On Compressed-sensing-based Active User Detection And Channel Estimation
4. Research On Multiple Access Techniques For Massive Machine-Type Communications
5. Index Modulation And Its Application In Massive Machine-type Communications
6. Research On Secure And Energy Efficient Transmission Technologies For Massive Machine Type Communications
7. Research On Key Technologies Of Wireless Communication For Large-scale Connection Scenarios
8. Research On Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Detection Technology Assisted By Compressed Sensing
9. Research On Resource Management Based On Two-level Hierarchical In Massive Machine-Type Communications
10. Research On Massive Machine-type Communications And Non-orthogonal Multiple Access Technology
11. Research On Sparse Multi-user Detection Algorithms In Massive Machine Type Communication Systems
12. Research On Uplink Resource Allocation Scheme Based On NOMA In Machine Type Communications
13. On Key Techniques For Random Access Systems In IoT-Oriented Satellite Networks
14. Research On Random Access Schemes For Massive Machine-Type Communication Systems
15. Massive Random Access Schemes Based On Reed-Muller Sequences
16. Research On Resource Optimization Techniques For Delay Sensing In Massive Machine Type Communications
17. Enhanced Schemes For Tandem Spreading Mutiple Access
18. Uplink Active Users And Data Detection In MMTC
19. Research On Random Access Scheme Of Massive Machine Type Communications For Differentiated QoS Requirements
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