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Keyword [Lyapunov stability theory]
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1. Research On Several Robust Iterative Learning Control Algorithms
2. Robust Filtering For Uncertain Systems With Time-Varying Delay In Network Environment
3. Passive Control For A Kind Of T-S Fuzzy Descriptor Systems
4. Research On Chaos Control, Chaos Synchronization And Chaos Encryption
5. Adaptive Stabilizing Control Design For Several Classes Of Systems With Unknown Parameters
6. Research On Chaos Control, Chaos Synchronization And Application In Secure Communication
7. Chaos Control And Application In Secure Communication
8. Research Of Robust Observer-Based Control For A Class Of Uncertain Systems
9. Control Research Of Synchronization Of Chaotic Systems
10. Hyperchaos Qi System Construction And Chaos Communication Based On Switch-modulated
11. Control And Synchronization Of Several Typical Autonomous Chaotic Systems
12. Study On The Algorithms Of Adaptive Volterra Filter
13. Stability Analysis Of Networked Control Systems
14. Adaptive Iterative Learning Control For Nonlinear Systems
15. Study Of Spatial Target Tracking Nonlinear Control Of Underactuated Uuv Based On Backstepping
16. Research On Fault Diagnosis And Fault Tolerant Control Theory Of Nonlinear Systems With Infinite Distributed Time Delay
17. Research On Control And Stabilization Of Networked Control Systems
18. The Research Of The Control Algorithm For Nonlinear System Based On RBF Neural Network
19. Nonlinear Control Strategy For Autonomous Underwater Vehicle’s Steering Motion
20. Robust Sliding Mode Control Method Research Of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
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