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Keyword [Locality Sensitive Hashing]
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1. Research On Content Based Image Retrieval In The Distributed System
2. Research On Image Semantic Representation And Metric Learning Technologies
3. Research About Image Retrieval Based On Hashing Technology
4. Research On Hashing Methods Towards Large-scale Similarity Computation And Search
5. Research On High-dimensional Index In Large-scale Image Retrieval
6. Content-Based Image Retrieval In Scientific Databases
7. Efficient 3D Scene Reconstruction From Multi-view Images
8. Indexing Technology In Content-Based Image Retrieval Under A Web Environment
9. Design And Implementation Of Image Retrieval System MOVER
10. A Similar Image Search Engine Based On Millions Of Images And Distributed Computing
11. Cloud-based Platform For The Large-scale Manifold Learning Algorithm Research
12. Research On Locality Sensitive Hashing-Based Similarity Search
13. Research On Several Key Technology Of Private Information Retrieval
14. Research On Detecting Copy-Move Forgery In Natural Images
15. Topic Classification Of Spoken Document Based On LSH
16. Research On Contented-Based Image Retrieval For Large Scale Images
17. Research Of High-dimensional Distributed Indexing Based On Locality-Sensitive Hashing
18. Research On Image Feature Labeling For Query Schemes In Storage Systems
19. Research On Hash Index Towards Product Image Search
20. Research On Video Copy Detection Technique Based On Multiple Feature Fusion
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