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Keyword [Linear Temporal Logic]
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1. Research On Optimization Techniques For Bounded Model Checking Of Hybrid Systems
2. Research On Behavioural Approximate Equivalence Of Transition System
3. A Heuristic Algorithm For Model-Checking Based On Counter Example Finding
4. Supervisory Synthesis Of DEDS Based On Temporal Petri Nets
5. On-the-fly Model Checking Based On Petri Nets
6. Verifiable Digital Machine
7. Research On Framework For Verifying AOP Programs Based On Runtime Verification
8. Application Of Linear Temporal Logic On Audit Of Unemployment Insurance
9. Behavior-based Web Services Can Be Replaced With Combinations Of Services Find Method
10. Design And Formal Verification Of Asynchronous FIFO
11. LTL Model Checking Based On Possibility Measure
12. Formalization And Model Checking Methods Of System Security Model Based On UMLsec
13. Demand And Business Process Conformance Testing In The Field Of Related Technical Research
14. Researches On Some Fundamental Problems Of Linear Temporal Logic
15. Research On Temporal Property Analysis And Verification Of Privacy Requirement In Web Services Composition
16. Research On Intrusion Detection Methods Based On The Temporal Logic Model Validation
17. FTA Based Avionics Software Safety Verification Methodology
18. Optimal Patrolling Path Planning Method And Application Based On Linear Temporal Logic
19. The Design And Implementation Of Linear Temporal Logic Satisfiability Tool
20. Research On Runtime Vefication Technique Based On LTL Formula Progression
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