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1. Applying Learning Algorithm To Predict Software Defect
2. Research On Text Sentiment Analysis Based On Support Vector Machine
3. Research On Analysis And Prediction Of User’s Behavior In Social Networks
4. Research On Robust Linear Subspace Learning Algorithm And Framework
5. Research On The Key Technologies Of Spectrum Management In Cognitive Radio Networks
6. Research On Image Feature Learning Algorithm And Its Applications
7. Research On Mahalanobis Distance Based Metric Learning Algorithm And Its Applications
8. Theory And Applications Of The Fast Block Sparse Bayesian Learning Algorithm
9. Neural Learning Algorithms For Principal And Minor Components Analysis And Applications
10. The Research On Artificial Immune Genetic Learning Algorithm And Its Application In Engineering
11. Research On The Issue Of Feedforward Neural Networks Learning And Its Application To Control Of Table
12. Dynamic Modeling And Intelligent Control Of The Constrained Flexible-Link Robot Manipulators
13. Research And Application On Reinforcement Learning And Communication Technology In Agent
14. Neural Network Predictive Control Of Nonlinear Time-delay Systems
15. Research On The Learning Algorithm Of Support Vector Machines
16. A Study Of Constrained Learning Algorithms Encoding The A Priori Information Of Problem
17. Identifying The Q-Matrix Of Markov Models About Ion Channels And Learning About Biological Neural Networks
18. Study On Multi-Model Optimization Control In Reheat Furnace Based On Population Search Strategy
19. The Performance And Learning Algorithm Of Fuzzy Neural Network
20. A Study On Feature Selection Algorithms Using Information Entropy
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