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1. Investigation Of Eye-safe Laser And Supercontinuum Generation
2. The Study On Characteristics Of All Solid-state Mid-infrared Two Micrometer Lasers
3. Optical Channel Waveguides In Dielectric Crystals: Fabrication, Lasing And Second Harmonic Generation
4. Monolithically Integrated Semiconductor Laser-modulator Based On Quantum Well Intermixing
5. Study Of 1550 Nm And 2μm Fiber Lasers Based On Nonlinear Effects
6. Research On High Brightness Multi-stage Laser Amplifier Systems And Optical Parametric Technology
7. Preparation And Characterization Of Nitride Based Resistive Switching Random Access Memory (RRAM) Materials
8. Splicing And Fabrication Of Grating Based On Research Of Mechnism Of Heat Transfer And Defromation For Photonic Crystal Fibers
9. Research On Mapping And Localization Of Indoor AGV Based On LADAR
10. Study On High-performance High-power KHz Linewidth Single-frequency Fiber Laser And Its Application In Frequency Doubling
11. Study On Noise Mechanisms And Its Suppression Technique Of Phosphate Single-frequency Fiber Laser
12. Research On High Power Two Micro-meter Single-doped Ho:YAG Solid-state Laser
13. Investigation Of 1.5 μm Laser Generated By A Singly Resonant Optical Parametric Oscillator
14. Investigation Of The Second-harmonic Generation (SHG), The Third-harmonic Generation (THG), And The Optical Parametric Oscillation (OPO) Of 1560nm Cw Laser Based On The Periodically-poled Bulk Crystals
15. Research On All-solid-state Nd:GdVO4Laser With High Repetition Rate And Short Pulse Width
16. Research On Techniques Of Precise Positioning Of A Small-scale Focal Spot In The Target Area Of High Power Laser Facility
17. Reserch On Atmospheric Influence And Mitigation Technology In Near Sea Level Laser Communicaton
18. Study On Laser Attenuation Character In Atmospheric Aerosol
19. Study On Compact High Peak Power End-Pumped Solid-State Lasers
20. Study On The Interaction Of Laser Shaped Beam With Spheroidal Particle
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