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1. Studies On Identity-Based Key-Exposure Protection Mechanism
2. Research On Analysis Of RSA Algorithm Based On Lattice Reduction Theory
3. Study On Several Key-Insulated Cryptographic Schemes
4. Study On Forward Secure Ring Signature
5. Intrusion-Resilient Key Management Research On Digital Signature
6. Research On Proxy Signature Schemes And Their Applications
7. The Former Technology To Secure Password
8. Research On Efficient On-line/Off-line Signcryption Without Key Exposure
9. Key Isolation Study Of Digital Signatures
10. Forward Secure Crytposystem With Untrusted Update
11. The Applications Of LLL Algorithm To RSA Cryptosystem
12. Study Signature Key Isolation Polymerization
13. Research On Revocable Generalized Identity-based Cryptography Algorithms
14. Research On Key-Insulated Cryptography And Its Application
15. Lattice-based Coppersmith's Method And Partial Key Exposure Attacks On RSA
16. Research On Secure Auditing In Cloud Storage
17. Partial Key Exposure Attack On CRT-RSA By Lattice-based Coppersmith's Method
18. Research On Searchable Public Key Encryption Scheme With Key Update Function
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