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Keyword [Key exchange protocol]
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1. Research On Cross-domain Group Authentication Key Exchange Protocol And Its Applications
2. Research And Implementation Of High Performance Virtual Private Network Based On Network Processor
3. Research Of Network Quality Of Service And Network Security Based On Network Processor
4. Research On Key Technologies For Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols
5. Security Analysis Of Internet Key Exchange Protocol
6. The Key Exchange Protocol Of BroadBand Wireless IP Networks
7. The Study And Implementation Of The Key Management Of Security Protocol For Advanced Router
8. The Security Analysis And Implementation Of Internet Key Exchange Protocol In IPSEC
9. Study Of Mutual Authentication And Key Exchange Protocols Based On ECC
10. Synchronization-Based Spatiotemporal Deterministic Random Stream Cipher And Key Exchange Protocol
11. The Study Of Internet Key Exchange Protocol Based On Linux
12. Security Analysis And Implementation Of Internet Key Exchange Protocol
13. Research And Realization Of Internet Key Exchange Protocol On IPSec
14. An Password-based Authenticated Group-Key Exchange Protocol And Implement
15. Design And Implement Of A New Group-Key Exchange Protocol
16. Permutation Polynomials Over Finite Fields And Their Applications In Cryptography
17. Password-based Group Key Exchange Protocol
18. Research On Password-Based Authentication And Key Exchange Protocol For Low Power Devices
19. Passwords-Based Authentication Group Key Exchange Protocol
20. The Study On Authenticated Tripartite Key Exchange Protocol
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