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Keyword [Kernel Function]
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1. Study On Application Of Nonlinear Manifold Structure In Anomaly Detection For Hyperspectral Imagery
2. Research On Range-Free Node Localization In Anisotropic Wireless Sensor Networks
3. Study On Support Vector Machine Based On Classification Nosie Detection
4. Research On Unmixing Technology In Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
5. Sketching Model And Steerable Kernel Function Based SAR Speckle Reduction
6. Research On Structural Methods Of Knowledge Discovery
7. Research On Support Vector Machines And Kernel Methods
8. The Models Of SVM And The Applications Of SVM To Image Segmentation
9. Support Vector Machine And Its Applications In Medical Image Segmentation
10. The Model Research On Fuzzy Classification
11. A Study Of Mean Shift And Correlative Algorithm In Visual Tracking
12. Research On Support Vector Machine Algorithm And Its Application
13. Research On Theory And Application Of Alignment Of Noisy Signals
14. Research On Fuzzy Morphological Bidirectional Associative Memories
15. Research On Extraction Of High-level Semantic And Low-level Visual Feature For Image Retrieval
16. Study On Wavelet Support Vector Regression Model And Application
17. Research On Support Vector Machine And Application On Image Recognition
18. Study On The Theory And Application Of Support Vector Machines
19. Study On Training And Simplifying Algorithms Of Support Vector Classification
20. Computational Intelligence And Its Applications In The Analysis Of Meteorological Information
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