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Keyword [Image Retrieval]
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1. Research On Automatic Annotation, TAG Processing And Reranking In Image Retrieval
2. Research Of Monocular Vision Based Target Tracking And Positioning Techniques
3. Several Studies On Brain Image Analysis
4. Research On Content Based Image Retrieval In The Distributed System
5. Research On The Key Technologies Of Web Image Retrieval
6. Medical Image Retrieval Based On Semi-supervised Learning
7. The Research Of Image Retrieval Methods Based On Muti-resolution And Saliency Feature
8. Research On Technology Of Content-Based Large-Scale Image Retrieval
9. Research About Image Retrieval Based On Hashing Technology
10. Research On Web Image Retrieval Based On Web Information And Image Feature
11. Analysis And Optimization Of Visual Coding Method For Large Scale Image Retrieval
12. Image Representation Models Based On Local Features: Theory And Practise
13. Co-phasing Of The Segmented Telescope And Image Retrieval Based On Phase Diversity Algorithm
14. Discrimination Enhancement For Image Retrieval
15. Image Content Analysis And Understanding Based On Structured Information
16. Image Understanding Via Embedding Structured Feature Representation
17. Research On High-dimensional Index In Large-scale Image Retrieval
18. Semantic Classification And Retrieval For Cross-media Data
19. Research On Retrieval Based Multi-Option Image Completion
20. Research On Image Retrieval Method Based On Multi Features Fusion And Its Application
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